Chester County principal resigns admitting he stole prescription drugs from nurse's office

A Chester County high school principal has resigned after he admitted stealing prescription drugs from the school nurse's office.

Michael Flick stepped down as principal of Great Valley High School in Malvern on Tuesday. He's charged with theft and multiple counts of possession of a controlled substance.

The 44-year-old Flick had been principal of the school since 2012. Great Valley School District officials say Flick has "acknowledged his involvement" in the missing medication and is seeking treatment.

A police investigation began after the school nurse noticed last Wednesday that 93 pills were missing. They had been removed from six containers belonging to five students.

A letter addressed to parents and guardians by the school superintendent says Flick had no intent to harm students, and he apologized to anyone who feels he let them down.

"I encourage anyone dealing with these issues to reach out for help. May our students view my experience as a reminder that seeking professional help is always the right decision," wrote Flick.

District officials say the situation will be addressed with students Wednesday morning. They will provide guidance and support if needed.

Mindful of the seriousness of the substance abuse epidemic, the school district says it is also proactively offering support to school staff.

A telephone number for Flick could not be located Wednesday. It's not known if he's retained an attorney.