Christmas tree costs rise following recession, wildfires

Nothing says Christmas like a fresh cut fir, but that tradition is going to cost more this year.

The jump in price is due to a nationwide tree shortage that has been years in the making.

Almost 27 million trees were purchased last Christmas with an average price of $75. Some sellers say they're being forced to raise prices this year for a variety of reasons.

In some parts of the country, shipping trees can lead to an increase in cost.

But this year, the recent recession is having an impact on pricing. Many of this season's trees were planted in the late 2000s and the economic downturn forced many growers to get out of the business. The result; lopsided supply and demand.

The wildfires that scorched forests in the Pacific Northwest and Hurricane Florence's impact on North Carolina are also factors.

The National Christmas Tree Association says it has not received reports of widespread damage but says there are a lot of businesses to keep track of.

There are always alternatives, like a fake tree. Last year an estimated 21 million were purchased with a higher selling price and longer shelf life.