City mistakes local brewery's garden for overgrown weeds, chops down 60 pounds of hops

Just as fall beer season is beginning, a local brewery says a weed whacking error made by the city will cost them thousands in revenue. 

Philadelphia Brewing Company, based in Kensington, posted photos on their Instagram page showing their damaged crop of hops in their city garden. 

The owner says the city erroneously took down over 60 pounds of hops used to make seasonal beers every Fall. 

"Despite our clear signage and fenced off area, the city of Philadelphia took it upon themselves to completely destroy our hop garden yesterday morning," the brewery wrote.

They claim it will cost them tens of thousands in lost revenue.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the city blamed "miscommunication and staff error" for the hops being cut down. 

"The hops were removed as they were initially marked as a violation as it appeared the lot was overgrown," a statement read in part. 

The city says they have reached out to the brewery to try to rectify the situation.