City, SEPTA and the PPA join forces to tackle Center City congestion

Traffic congestion in Center City Philadelphia can be a nightmare on any given day. City officials are hoping to ease that pain that's why they are joining forces with SEPTA , the PPA and the police department to step up traffic enforcement.

Be warned if you are one of those drivers who double park, drive in bus lanes, park in no parking zones or block intersections you will be cited.

"The goal is not to write tickets. The goal is to change the culture in Center City--the traffic culture--the driving culture," Philadelphia Police Department Chief Inspector Melvin Singleton said.

City Council President Darrell Clarke also calling for the hiring of "public safety enforcement officers."

They wouldn't carry a weapon or have the power to arrest. They would simply help regulate traffic. The fraternal order of police however says that is the job of city police officers and is not the answer.

"All they have to do is reassign people to the traffic in Center City Districts it will alleviate everything," FOP President Lodge 5 John McNesby said.

The new traffic enforcement effort starts Monday. It will focus on violators along Market and Chestnut Streets. So be prepared to get a ticket if you are not following the rules of the road. The PPA and police say they will be out there in force.