Collingdale mom outraged after she says someone vandalized car, stole tires

A single mom of six has been left with no way to drive her family around after someone smashed her car window and stole her tires.

Lori Wilson, of Collingdale, has no choice but to walk her children from day care after someone smashed in the rear window of her car two weeks ago. It was parked in front of her apartment on Chester Pike when it was vandalized. Just when she had saved enough money to replace it someone stole the tires right off the car. 

"There's no wheels on the car. They have my car sitting on a can of paint and some bricks and it doesn't even look like they put it down nice," Wilson said.

Wilson paints houses for a living. She has no idea now how she will be able to buy four new tires, fix the window and take care of her family. 

"For somebody to do this to a person like me who's already struggling every day that just hurt me," Wilson said.

So far, no arrests have been made.