Colorado man recovering after getting trampled by moose

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said a man in his late 50s was trampled by a moose while he was walking his dogs In Coal Creek Canyon Monday morning.

KDVR identified the man as 58-year-old Robert Standerwick. 

According to CPW, the man told authorities he was walking two dogs when he surprised a cow moose and her calf while turning along the trail path. 

He said the moose then charged and knocked him down, stomping on him several times. 

CPW said the man was armed and fired two shots in the air, which startled the moose. Neither the moose nor the calf were shot but retreated. 

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Colin Howe, a neighbor, told KDVR head the gunshots and found the dogs who led him to Standerwick,

"And I heard our neighbor in distress and quickly realized it was not a... it was pretty serious distress," he told the outlet. 

Standerwick told Howe that he didn't have time to react. 

"He said he didn't get a chance to even... he didn't see it coming. At first he saw her and she was five feet from him at a full run and ran him right over," Howe explained. 

The man was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatetning injuries. The dogs were not injured and off-leash at the time, according to authorities. 

So far, wildlife officials have not be able to find the moose or the calf. They warn the animals can br aggressive around their young and view dogs as predators or threats. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.