Cornell University creates website to help people cope with quarantine loneliness

Need a friend? Well, Cornell University may have the perfect solution to cure your quarantine blues.

"People are cooped up and can't go out," said Ryan Quinn. Places are starting to reopen and more people are getting out. Still Quinn agrees that quarantine loneliness is still a thing. 

"I definitely felt it. Especially towards the middle of summer June area where everybody's normally going out to parties and gatherings," he said. But there's a new website created to help people deal with that. It’s called Quarantine Buddy. 

"It immediately exploded and so many people of so many ages have signed up and really benefitted from it," said Jordyn Goldzweig. She and Sam Brickman are both students at Cornell University and the co-founders of the website. They got it up and running soon after leaving campus for remote learning because of the coronavirus. 

"We're constantly getting emails from people thanking us and saying how much this has helped them through time," said Goldzweig. Dating is likely the obvious first thought and it’s an option but the creators say the site is mostly used by people simply looking to talk to someone or do fun activities. 

"Like elderly people, first responders connect with one another and musicians collaborating on songs so it really varies on what it looks like other than just dating," said Brickman.  

Jere Mahaffey was out with his husband Jessie walking their dog Watson tonight when we asked his thoughts on the website. 

"I feel like there's competition for them perhaps but it's a smart idea. I think we're all getting zoom fatigued or online fatigued. It’s tired but where those spaces are working for people I think that they're helpful," said Mahaffey. 

The creators say the website has made more than 150,000 matches with users in more than 130 countries. All you have to do is set up a profile to get started. 

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