Couple Says Caterer Never Showed Up to Wedding

PHILADELPHIA-(WTXF)-Imagine your wedding and everything's going perfectly. The service is about to start, then the caterer calls. He's running late, but he never shows.

That's what happened to a local couple left mortified in front of their friends and family. FOX 29 Weekend's Karen Hepp sat down with that bride.

Dana Katz and Chris Capone love to laugh. They sent quirky cute invites to their close friends and family and planned a fun intimate wedding with a ceremony in beautiful gardens with a reception in a grand lobby. As Dana was walking out to ceremony Saturday, her phone rang with a call saying the caterer was running late

She'd planned a great menu with everything, including beef brisket, Asian BBQ skewers, she had the labels- the plates- just no food. She says the caterer kept texting and promising he'd be there soon while the guests got hungrier and hungrier.

Karen found the caterer through a local business app. She signed a contract with him and even met him. When he didn't come she was mortified

They made the best of the situation.

"We had liquor PJ&J cake at the end when everyone was really drunk, pizza was delivered," she explained.

The next day when her tears had dried up she googled the caterer.

"This was the first thing I found when I looked him up, criminal investigation here he is," she explained.

FOX 29 is not showing his face since she declined to press charges. Court records show he has a troubled past. FOX 29 tried to call him, but we didn't get an answer.

The good news is the internet app that helped connect Dana to the caterer has agreed to refund her deposit and pay for the pizza. Lesson learned the hard way, but hopefully they'll live happily ever after.