DA: Havertown man raped 14-year-old girl he targeted on social media

Authorities say they have arrested and charged a man who is accused of raping a 14-year-old girl who he targeted through the social media app Whisper.

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Investigators say 22-year-old Joseph Valiquette who went by the online name of 'Dankasauraus Rex" in less than 5 minutes was on the Havertown doorstep of his teenage victim. He lived just a half a mile away.

"He forces her down on the bed. He begins phsycially choking her around her neck, pulls down her shorts and rapes her right there in her own bedroom," Delaware County DA Katayoun Copeland said.

Police released a composite sketch shortly after the April attack. It took a lot of police work and 5 months to track Valiquette down. When he arrested they say he admitted to having sex but told police it was consensual.

Authorities say it's another sad sobering reminder about how and who may be targeting your kids.

"She stated she's at home. She's alone. She's depressed. She's gotten into a fight with a family member. Everything was the perfect storm for a man like this," DA Copeland said.

Valiquette is being held on $150,000 bail at the Delaware County prison.