Deadly police-involved shooting under investigation in Trenton

Authorities in Trenton, New Jersey are investigating a police-involved shooting that occurred late Thursday night.

Police arrived on the 600 block of North Olden Avenue after they received calls that a man was threatening to commit suicide. Officers found Jason Williams, 42, in the doorway of a residence holding what was believed to be a handgun.

Authorities say that during the encounter two officers fatally shot Williams. He was transported to Helene Fuld Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

An investigation revealed that the gun that Williams was holding was actually a BB gun.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports officials from the New Jersey attorney general's office are on the scene. Earlier this year, the state passed a law that requires all deadly police shooting investigations to be handled by the state.

One Trenton police officer was taken to the hospital for treatment. No other injuries have been confirmed at this time.