Delaware County artist plans nationwide mural project

Delaware County artist Tim Gibson can often be found in his studio, immersed in his paints and canvases.

"It is like and escape," said Gibson. "When you are in here other things just float away. It is a form of meditation for me."

Gibson's passion for art began when his was a child, drawing sketches on cross country trips with his parents. Now Gibson has taken what started as a childhood hobby and blossomed it into a nationwide project.

The young artist plans to create a flower-themed mural in 100 towns across 50 states. Gibson is calling the venture, the Ten Thousand Flowers Project.

"It is not just a bunch of individual murals in different towns across the county, it is going to be one giant mural that is broken up into sections," said Gibson.

The first section started in his hometown of Perkasie. Gibson and 40 volunteers got the project going this past summer, and stretched the mural to three different locations. Gibson created the mural with color by number instructions to guide his helpers.

With just 152 flowers painted thus far, Gibson still has a long road ahead of him. The young artist predicts that the project will take most of his 20's to complete.

When it is all over Gibson will return to Perkasie to paint the 1,000th flower.

"The whole point is to make people happy," said Gibson.