Delaware County chef makes 1,000 meals per day to feed the elderly

A Delaware County chef is giving back by making 1,000 meals a day to help feed the elderly. 

“We’re just so used to cooking for everyone. Every day and it’s hard for us to watch people in need," Chef Steve Balmer told FOX 29.

It was immediately apparent that Chef Steve Balmer, the executive chef of the Springfield Country Club, was a lot more comfortable in the kitchen than he was in front of a microphone. He was definitely not comfortable being called a hero either and said he is just putting all of his skills to a good use.


On a beautiful day in Springfield,  the coronavirus has closed the golf course, pool and the entire club. As for the kitchen, that’s the one thing that remains open.

“We joined up with a nonprofit organization called Caring with Friends and we’re making 1,000 meals per day to feed the elderly,” explains Chef Balmer.

Yes, 1,000 meals per day. Chef Balmer and the team told FOX 29 that although people don’t immediately think of the community when they hear the words “country club”, this pandemic was something that was affecting everyone. And this public club is connected to its Delaware County neighbors and was moved to help.

“I have a lot of family members myself that are not working right now. It makes me feel good to help people in need, to give back," he added.

It’s a partnership between several groups. Some donate food, some prepare it and others will deliver it. It’s a lot of work, but like most of the people who step up to help,

Chef Balmer explains it to be not be a big deal.

“Something that we would do every day, now we’re putting it to better use," he said.

Every day, they are feeding thousands of families and when they were presented with the question about being nominated as a hero, Chef Balmer and his team shook it off.

“I don’t look at me as being a hero, just something that I can contribute to help out. You should always be helping people in need.”

It’s a simple concept, embraced every day by more and more heroes among us — for goodness sake.

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