Delaware County tuxedo shop struggles amid COVID-19 pandemic

A Delaware County tuxedo shop that has been in business for decades is struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The display window at Iacobucci Formal Wear is still displaying Irish green but for most the last nine weeks have been anything but lucky. No proms and graduations, no weddings and fancy galas or any other milestones to be had.

Only the mannequins are wearing Steve Cassell and Joe Stringer’s new “Just In” formals into the busiest season for this Havertown mainstay of more than 65 years. Both men were employees of the original owners of the store, eventually taking the ropes.

“We’re establish here, part of the community,” said Cassel. “With 5 kids, you’ve gotta work, we’ve got to keep it moving, if you get down, it’s over."

The moral support for the business has been plentiful but as for financial stability, they’ve been unfortunate, trying to apply for everything.

“I mean, we’re gonna need something. The stimulus check, we still haven’t received. Nothing back from the bank or anything. For the first time in my life, unemployment, I haven’t seen anything of that either so really for nine weeks, there’s been nothing," he added.

As for their hopes of reopening by the summer, they say it may take a little longer than expected.

“Even if we were to open up tomorrow, it would probably take another month just to get everybody feeling good about going out and everything. God willing we’re going to get through this. There’s no way we’re giving up, we don’t wanna pack it in. We don’t want to do any of that," he said.


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