Demand for Jason Kelce's parade costume on the rise

The moment we will never forget, Jason Kelce dressed as a Mummer pouring out his heart and soul on the Art Museum steps. Who can forget that Irish themed Mummers suit that's forever become part of Philadelphia sports history?

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The suit was made inside a Declo costume studio of designer Jim May back in 2008. May has been making Mummers costumes for decades, but nothing like this one.

The original was designed for the Avalon String Band 11 years ago. A friend of Kelce's dug up the suit from a South Philly basement and the rest was history.

A year, later demand for the costume has brought May out of retirement. FOX 29's Chris O'Connell is even taking the suit to New Orleans with him.

Hey Jason Kelce! I'm taking "The Suit" with me to New Orleans. #BroadStreetToBourbonStreet #goodluckcharm @Eagles @FOX29philly

-- Chris O'Connell (@CoconnellFox29) January 10, 2019