District alerts parents after man attempts to lure Bucks County student into his car

The Bristol Township School District sent a message warning parents about a man who attempted to lure a Harry S. Truman High School student into his car.

It happened on Thursday at the intersection of Dogwood Drive and Mill Creek parkway.

FOX 29 spoke to the student who asked that we protect her identity.

"I walked up to his car, I looked down and he was exposing himself to me," she says. "I was really traumatized, I felt really dirty like he expected something of me, so I pretty much told him to go off himself and I walked away."

The student says it happened in broad daylight around noon.

"It's Mill Creek Road, it's public, and someone still had the audacity to say something like that," she says. "I was really disgusted I honestly couldn't believe something like that would happen."

The district informed parents that the student was not harmed, but the circumstances around the incident indicate that the situation could have become dangerous.

"We would like to take this opportunity to remind all students to be alert to their surroundings. Be cautious when speaking to people you do not know, Never enter a vehicle with people you do not know, and please report any suspicious activity to the police, school officials, or an adult in your life," the message said.

The student believes the man was in his mid-to-late 20's, had facial hair, and was driving a dark blue, four-door sedan.

"You need to be careful," she says. "It can happen anywhere, it doesn't matter where you are."