Don't You Just Hate It When You Accidentally Run a Marathon?

PHILADELPHIA, PA (STORYFUL) - You know how it goes: you set out out run a leisurely half marathon, and accidentally run a full marathon without noticing.

That was the case for one teenager from Palmyra, Pennsylvania, on November 22, when he missed a turn during the Philly half marathon.

The wrong turn lead Evan Megoulas onto the full marathon route, and before he knew it he had a police escort to the finish line.

Megoulas's family, waiting at the half marathon finish line, had alerted police after he was a no-show.

A post from Evan's brother Peter on Facebook detailing the story has gone viral, with Evan achieving local fame for his inspirational, albeit unintentional, achievement.

Included below is a selection of images from Peter and Evan Megoulas' Facebook pages, as well as screen grabs of reactions from Facebook.