Easton Farm Delivers Produce to Local Hospitals

Easton, Pa. (WTXF)- A farm in Easton is producing a lot more than just fruits and vegetables. It's providing some TLC for people that really need it.

FOX 29's Photojournalist Bill Rohrer went to check it out.

Tucked away on five acres of Lehigh Valley farmland, Lynn Trizna, farm project manager, is preparing the land for a third organic farming season. The organic farm is part of the St. Luke's Anderson campus.

"We produce about 45,000 tons of produce. We deliver the food to all six of the hospitals at St. Luke's," said President of St. Luke's Anderson Campus Ed Nawrocki. "We partnered with the Rodale institute and the idea was to create a farm on campus that would provide food for our patients and our visitors and employees."

Each morning farmers hand pick vegetables. Then, they deliver to the hospital's cafeteria.

"Food is such a big part in everyone's lives and if you are feeling sick and what you look for in comfort is family, friends and food," Trizna told FOX 29.

Since the start of the Rodale farm--the hospital's salad bar sales increased 20 to 30 percent.

Ed Naworcki President of St. Luke's Anderson Campus

"I think it brings value to the idea of educating people as well and we want more people to eat a plant based diet and also eat Organic. It is better for you, your children and everyone else," Nawrocki explained.

Employees and visitors can purchase organic produce from the farmers market.