Evesham police investigate anti-semitic fliers left on vehicles

Police are searching for a man who they say placed anti-semitic fliers on cars outside an Burlington County steakhouse and movie theater Thursday night.

Diners at Fleming's Steakhouse and moviegoers at AMC Marlton on Route 73 in Evesham found typed printouts which contained anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements.

Witnesses report seeing an older white man in a teal jumpsuit with a combover style haircut distributing the hateful material. Investigators arrived on the scene and collected the fliers as items of evidence.

"Evesham Township has absolutely zero tolerance for such flagrant anti-Semitism, or any other form of evil and bigotry in our town,” Evesham Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said.

“I call on all of Evesham’s residents and businesses to come together at this time and join me in condemning such shameless displays of hatred,"