‘Face mask exemption cards’ circulating on social media are fake, DOJ says

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is warning of a fraudulent exemption card going around social media that excuses people from wearing face masks.

“It’s really a shame, it's a lot of effort to go to possibly endanger your friends and your community,” said Brandi Fishman. 

A ‘Face Mask Exemption Card,' as referred to on Facebook, says the person carrying it is not required to wear a mask, and forcing them to is an ADA violation. A photoshopped DOJ seal ‘and the Freedom to Breathe Agency’ is also listed on the card. 

“We wear masks to protect each other so really, it's freedom to live,” said Fishman.

The DOJ put out a statement saying that they have been made aware about postings on the internet like these regarding the ADA.

“These postings were not issued by the Department and are not endorsed by the Department,” they said.

Susan Civitillo, who is an avid mask wearer, said that she saw the post on her Facebook feed and is hoping no one will try to use that card.

“There’s so much scary things we see circulating on social media and I’m going to choose to have faith in people doing the right thing like you see around you,” she said. 

The owner of Mt. Holly's Breaking Ground Coffee and Cake Robin Winzinger says that it does look legitimate and can be deceiving but hopes that no one will fall for it.

“It looks so real too — how weird. That's a shame that they have gone to that extent, that's pretty sad,” she said. “We are going through all of this to try and be healthy and make sure that everything goes in the right direction and no that is very discouraging,” she said.


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