Families stick close to home for Memorial Day

A Memorial Day unofficial start to summer tradition in the midst of the coronavirus, but even though it's open not everyone is ready to literally jump in. Some are sticking close to home.

"Pretty much relaxing. I did a little exercising," said Adam Hoy. He and his family Chelsea and kids Phoenix and Mya came out for some fresh air and different scenery in and around Center City from the Northeast.

"We decided just to come down to Penns Landing for a walk along the water and maybe shoot up to South Street just to walk," said mom Chelsea. She says it’s challenging coming up with things for the kids to do every day not just the holiday.

If you were looking for inflatables and backyard water toys to make it feel like summer fun that stuff may be hard to find. FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson stopped by a Target and found the shelves that usually hold blow-up pools for kids and adults empty.

Still, Delaware County families made their own fun. Kids took over their block and you can never go wrong with a tent in the yard. Its how many families spent the holiday.

"Just time at home and came out in the evening to go for a walk. Just to keep it simple," said Terence Fernandez. He and his wife Kishori are preparing for more weekends at home this summer to avoid the crowds.

"I'm okay. It's keeping her entertained is the challenge," he said about his daughter. Getting out is mostly for the kids.

"It's not easy but you have to do what you have to do to stay safe," said Kishori.


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