Families attend lottery for Northeast Philadelphia charter schools

Dozens of families attended a lottery at MaST, Math and Science Technology Community Charter for two of its schools on Tuesday night.

"I applied for MaST II" said Nicole Flanagan. She and her daughter Melanie watched from the front row.

Their school choice had only 100 seats open for kindergarten.

Sixty-one of those seats went to children who already have siblings at the school.

"We didn't get in today so next step is wait for other charter schools to get back to us," she said. Nicole says she isn't considering public school.

"She's too bright and she's too smart," Nicole explained.

Melanie is 5-years-old and doesn't know much about the lottery but she's certain about something else.

"I love school. I love taking a nap at school," she said.

Five of Alana Babilonia's children were with her. However, her 9th grader who wasn't there didn't get selected. But her little girl did get picked for kindergarten under sibling preference.

"I didn't want to get them into the public school system anymore. I just feel like the kids were just falling behind all the time there and they just keep pushing you on to the next grade instead of giving you the assistance that you needed," said Alana.

Her 10-year old son Alexander started 6th grade at MaST II Monday after being on a waiting list since September. He already loves his new school.

"I get to put my coats not on the floor but in a bin and I have a playground," said Alexander.

John Swoyer is the CEO of MaST Community Charter Schools.

"I think just the amount of kids applying or parents applying their kids to come here just says a lot about what they think about the school's reputation," he said.

Thursday a lottery will be held for the newest school that's opening.

It has 900 seats available.