Family hopes for Christmas Miracle in search special snowman pin

A local woman has found herself hoping for a Christmas Miracle after she lost a snowman pin that is near and dear to her heart.

Barbara Roque says it's no secret that her younger sister Shelley Anderson is obsessed with snowmen. She dresses up at Halloween as a snowman, has snowman pumpkins and even her phone case is a snowman.

"My brother Tim before he passed he was with my sister and they were passing by a jewelry store and when she looked in the window she saw this snowman pin," Barbara recalled.

It was Christmas 2010 and Tim surprised his sister with the pin. Tim died suddenly the following year, making that snowman extra special.

Sadly, Shelley lost her precious pin last week. She was walking to Girard Avenue station from Moyer Street in Fishtown, headed to Center City, and did not realize it was gone until she got off at 13th street.

"It's just been heartbreaking to her ever since," Barbara explained, "It's just something that has been keeping her awake at night."

Barabara says Tim was more than a big brother. Their mom was a single parent and Tim took them both to the father-daughter dance at school, and was just always there for the two of them.

"For some people, they might just think this is just a little snowman pin, but for her, it's just that we are just trying to hold on to people that we love," Barbara added.

Shelley Anderson is offering a $100 reward to anyone who may find the pin.