Family receives brand new stroller after hit-and-run

Autum Bireley her 2 and 3-year-old sons Jalen and Julian were hit by a passing car. The kids and mom were knocked to the ground, but they only suffered minor injuries.

Their stroller, was completely destroyed.

"My worst fear was actually not having them. That was like the worst thing going through my head, just running to them and not having them here"

When police learned the family sometimes uses that stroller to haul metal to the local scrap yard for extra cash. Officers had to do something.

"On behalf of Walmart we'd like to present you with a new stroller, I wouldn't suggest putting scrap metal in their yet," said one of the officers.

Police organized a donation of a new stroller for the kids, and a cash donation from Coatesville scrap yard. It may be above and beyond. But for these cops, it was personal.

"I have a child myself. And seeing the two kids get hid. I had a lot of compassion for that and empathy," said Coatesville officer Justin Fonock.

Autum says they're just thankful their kids will be around to hear the scary story someday.

"Really without them I don't know what I would do. They are my life. They are my everything," said Autum.