Fannin County school board votes to allow staff to carry guns

You can now add "gun" to the school supply list for some North Georgia teachers. The Fannin County Board of Education unanimously voted to allow trained teachers and staff to have firearms on school grounds.

Parents who support arming teacher say it just makes sense. There are five public schools in the county and each one has an armed resource officer. However, some parents say that's not nearly enough to cover a sprawling campus like Fannin High School.

"I have five grandchildren and it makes me feel better to know we're not having to wait on law enforcement to get here. although they do a wonderful job, they're not everywhere at the same time, they can't be," said Jack Taylor who lives in Fannin County.

Teachers and school staff who volunteer to carry a weapon will have to undergo a training program, one that is approved by the superintendent and the sheriff. Still, some parents believe it could be dangerous. The weapons would either be carried in a holster or secured in a nearby lockbox.

'To me, more firearms into the school is just going to create a potential for more danger to my child," said Dr. Kyle Raque who has a child in the school system.

The superintendent has wholeheartedly supported putting guns in the hands of teachers. Last month he sent a 2-page letter to the community, he said "We do not wait for emergency professionals but instead take immediate action during fires, injuries, and heart attacks; likewise, we should never have to wait for outside help to begin a swift and appropriate response to an attack on our school community."