Fans Concerned After Sinead O'Connor Posts Possible Suicide Note on Facebook

LOS ANGELES, CA (STORYFUL) - Irish musician Sinead O'Connor posted a lengthy message to Facebook on Sunday, November 29 in which she sounded incredibly distraught and appeared to make several references to committing suicide.

The message read in part, "What was done to me this week was appalling cruelty," and went on to recall O'Connor's poor treatment at the hands of her family, as well as the "withholding of my babies from me" by them.

"The last two nights finished me off," she wrote. "I have taken an overdose…Because apparently I'm scum and deserve to be abandoned and treated like shit." O'Connor posted similar messages on her Facebook page earlier in the day, expressing her anger and sense of betrayal at the hands of her family.

Fans of the singer expressed their concern in comments under the posts, as well as on Twitter. "Be strong," wrote one. "You will out live the begrudgers and your so called friends and family who are just shadows without emotions." Another echoed the sentiment, writing, "Sinead we all need you xx."

According to reports, O'Connor was found safe after writing the post and is receiving medical assistance.