Fist-bumping 2-year-old boards airplane in style

A toddler made sure he boarded his Southwest Airlines flight from Kansas City International Airport in style, if a video shared by his mother on July 21 is any indication.

Two-year-old Guy walked down the plane's aisle, gleefully fist-bumping everybody he could. His mom, Alya Jakubowicz, shared an adorable clip of his grand entrance to her Instagram account, writing, "My son on the campaign trail, attempting to win the hearts of airline passengers in the hopes of becoming the next Southwest ambassador."

A version of her video was posted to the Southwest Airlines Facebook page, who later shared the video of Guy themselves. Southwest's post had over 68,000 likes on Facebook at the time of writing.

According to Jakubowicz, who spoke with KGTV about her video, Guy learned about fist-bumping while on a flight to Dallas when he was 18 months, and has been obsessed with it ever since.