Florida Man Claims to Have Sung His Way Out of a Traffic Ticket

ORANGE COUNTY, FL (WTXF/STORYFUL) On December 6 a gospel singer was reportedly able to serenade police officers with his musical talents to avoid being fined with a ticket.

A video of the incident, posted by gospel singer TJ Bristol on the same day, has since gone viral.

Bristol says he was stopped by two female police officers for not wearing his seat belt. He is apparently let off with a warning and then proceeded to sing Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful to the two women as a way of saying "thank you."

God just got me out of this big ticket maybe you should try singing to your police officers it work for me always remember click it or ticket.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office posted a Facebook response to the video, saying the incident was a "therapeutic" experience for one of the officers. It had been five years since she lost her husband, a fellow officer, when he was killed in the line of duty.

A high note for two deputies!When Corporal Ricks and Deputy Hoagland pulled over a motorist and gospel singer on Sunday...