For Goodness Sake: Million dollar rehab robots give hope to patients

When Michelle Brown was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, she wasn't sure what the future would hold.

"How I found out I had MS, I was stumbling a lot. I had problems with my sight. They were misdiagnosing me saying I had vitamin deficiency, one doctor said it was all in my head."

Overtime Brown says her condition worsened.

"It progressed over the years. 2010 I had to come off my job and now I'm considered totally disabled," she shared.

Even though Brown has the ability to use state of the art, multimillion dollar equipment to help her recover, most people do not have that access.

FOX 29's Bill Anderson was able to sit with Brown as she went through rehab on hundreds of thousands of dollars of rehab robots at Bachrach Rehab in Galloway New jersey. Brown is everything Doctors want as a patient. She's determined and fully believes she'll get better.

"I don't care what it looks like but it's always my belief that I'm going to walk again," said Brown.

She wasn't getting significantly better until she found one of the few places in the Philadelphia area that had the advanced technology to match her unwavering spirit. Jessy Ohlsen of Bacharach Rehabilitation has seen the impact of the new technology.

"I've had the chance to do traditional therapy as they call it and now incorporating the robots. I feel like the patients are more involved in it, they're enjoying it more and therefore it gives us better outcomes," said Ohlsen.

The nearly million dollars in robots purchased by a donor allow Michelle to simulate walking upright, use her arms more than she has in years and see measurable improvement.

"When I started here in December, my arms barely moved. Since I've been here now, I can move it out I can move up front I can lift it, I can pick things up with it, everything.

She's getting better and is a living example of the benefit of top treatment that we all want for our friends and family. But also challenges us as a society to make sure it's available.

"Every rehabilitation facility or hospital who does rehab should have access to this equipment. Because it is a tremendous help," said Brown.

Michelle's story is important. She shows us that positive attitude matters but also should make us think of ways to make the care that allows for the hope of recovery that Michelle enjoys available to all.

For Goodness Sake.