Former President and First Lady George and Laura Bush recipients of Liberty Medal

The Liberty Medal is given to those who show courage and strive to achieve liberty for all people across the country.

Sunday night, it was given to a former first couple.

The National Constitution Center honored former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush for their work with veterans on Veteran's Day.

As a couple hundred people paid tribute to the flag and former Commander in Chief on the grounds of the National Constitution Center, outside some Iraq War veterans and people who lost loved ones shouted, whistled and blared horns loud enough to hear throughout the ceremony.

They did it in protest to this year's Liberty Medal recipients former President Bush, former First Lady Laura Bush, presenter former Vice President Joe Biden and the Constitution Center officials, who selected the Bush's for all their work to honor and help veterans readjust to civilian life.

"For my part, to return the salute of such people, was the highest of all the privileges that came with the office of President. And, because the Liberty Medal is presented to Laura and me on Veteran's Day, we will cherish it all the more," said former President George W. Bush.

The Bush's Military Service Initiative is credited with offering employment transition and overcoming physical and mental wounds of war.

"Nothing has ever mattered more than the skill and the courage and the sheer decency of those who've served in the United States military," former President Bush stated.

One mother says she'll never forgive President Bush for hurting so many military families.

"All these years later there are more than 500,000 people dead and one of them is my son. I can't understand why we're giving a medal to a man who lied to this country and brought us into this colossal mistake of a war," Celeste Zappala said.

While one protester had to be escorted out of the ceremony, organizers say it's all what America is about.

"It was great to see the First Amendment in action and people have the right to express their views and it was a wonderful example of constitutional education," said Jeffrey Rosen, President of the National Constitution Center.