Give the gift of warmth with PECO's Gift of Energy program

During this season, bills can go sky high as you try to keep warm in your home and that's a big time struggle for a lot of families. Since this is the season of giving, PECO's got a friendly reminder about a program that helps you help others.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole has the story.

When the cold winds blow in the nations's poorest big city, just staying warm is a struggle for many. Any help with rising energy costs can be a lifesaver.

"We're low budget. I live in low income housing, so it really helps out with people like us who don't have it," North Philadelphia resident Seven Moore said.

Energy giant PECO is using the upcoming holiday season to remind the region of its 'Gift of Energy' program.

'Gift of Energy' allows the community to give a gift of warmth to others--friends, family and people in need.

"When you're thinking of things to give if you know somebody who's really struggling to pay their bills you go to what's most essential. To many people that would be their energy costs," Afia Ohene-Frempong with PECO said.

'Gift of Energy"'was started by PECO in 2012. The utility says it averages $100,000 yearly in gifts to 240 of its customers.

Claudine Cooper is the founder of 'We Never Say Never', a West Philadelphia social service group, which among other services helps the elderly and low income residents pay their energy bills.

"When they come here they are shut off from their utilities and we try to take them step by step to try to try to pay their bills," she said.

Cooper's group uses public funding and donations to help people pay energy bills and trains residents how to keep them low..

She says a 'Gift of Energy' is more than just a gift.

PECO would like to jumpstart the program. You can give a 'Gift of Energy' by going to PECO's website, or visiting one of its payment locations or calling 1-800-597-9514.