Hahnemann University Hospital announces layoffs

Major cuts are underway at Hahnemann University Hospital. 175 people learned Thursday that they're now out of a job.

The bustling activity outside Hahnemann University Hospital Thursday offered not a hint of the trouble inside where nurses were learning their jobs were over.

"I just found out 8 this morning, I'm being laid off. We're a union hospital so they lay off based on seniority. I have only five months of experience so it's been tough," laid off nurse Jasmine Nguyen told FOX 29.

Hospital workers are being laid off by Hahnemann, whose chief executive warns the hospital is bleeding money and desperately low on patients.

In a statement, Hahnemann's spokesperson wrote:

"...the reality is that Hahnemann faces severe financial challenges that threaten its ability to survive...."

Hahnemann often treats low-income patients and relies on federal funds for payment, which hospital administrators complain don't cover its costs.

The chief executive says the 496-bed hospital has just 200 to 250 patients.

Hahnemann 's parent company also owns St. Christopher's Hospital for Children which has already seen job cuts.

The CEO says it's "life and death" for the institutions and no one seems to disagree.