Here is what we know about the officers killed on-duty in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WTXF) - Heartbreak and anger emotes across the United States as another ambush takes the lives of law enforcement officers.

We are getting our first look at the three officers killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Called to a convenience store for a report of a man with a rifle, they were met by gunfire.

Two police officers and a sheriff's deputy are dead, and three others are hurt. The nation is left stunned by yet another deadly ambush of law enforcement.

Baton Rouge Police released the names and pictures of their two officers killed, 32-year old Montrell Jackson and 41-year old Matthew Girard.

Jackson served on the force for a decade, while Girard joined the force less than a year ago.

A spokesperson for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office says the third victim is Deputy Brad Garafol.

Today, his sheriff said something 'must' change.

Detectives are still talking with a couple of persons of interest to determine what if any connection they may have had to the shooter.
It's unclear whether there is any connection between Sunday's attack in Baton Rouge and the recent attack that killed five officers in Dallas. But the two shocking incidents are part of a recent wave of violent incidents that have escalated already tense relations between police and the black community.