Image of plumber who dove into sewer to fix broken pipe goes viral

One man was so determined to fix a burst pipe outside Fort Worth, Texas, that he dove into the muddy water head-first.

The homeowner was overwhelmed at the worker's dedication and took a photo of Jimmie Cox jumping into the murky abyss.

The photo has since gone viral with talk of Cox going "above and beyond the call of duty."

"You basically start holding your breath and if stuff starts going up your nose that is too bad," Cox told Inside Edition.

Cox works for a local water utility and Inside Edition put him in touch with a guy who know a thing or two about "dirty jobs" -- TV personality Mike Rowe.

Rowe joked around with Cox, saying: "Tell me you've had a shower."

He added: "That's the kind of photo that makes people say, Jimmie Cox, you're all right."

Cox replied: "It feels pretty crazy that that many people are staring a picture of my butt."

In another reward for Cox's hard work, the Wrangler jeans company has sent him a year's supply of pants, just like the kind Cox is seen wearing in the photo.