#InFocus: Free Running in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) There's an obstacle course of epic proportions right here in Philadelphia. FOX 29 Photojournalist Bill Rohrer discovered the goal is to navigate that course in the most stylish way possible.

Inside an old Philadelphia warehouse--a group shows off their skills. It's called Parkour or free running. The objective is to navigate through obstacles in the most efficient way possible. Through the air--over a wooden horse--even up a 14-foot wall.

Lewis Harder started the HFS Parkour Center in Philadelphia two and a half years ago. He says the growing popularity of mud runs has helped his business grow.

"We have an obstacle course set up of fences and monkey bars and rings and things like that so they get an opportunity to get a taste of what is on the course," Lewis explained.

Lewis starts everyone off with the basics until they feel confident enough for tricks.

"It is a real natural way of fitness. It's like growing up as a kid. You are playing outside, climbing trees," he said.

For Chase Bascom--it is all about the rush.

"I have adrenaline tattooed to my wrist, I am definitely an adrenaline junkie," Chase told FOX 29. "Corkscrews, double corks, running gainers, ariels, speed twists, just anything that I am upside down."

He is not the only one--a group of men come once a week just to try out new things.

"This grew to be a passion of mine. If I don't flip for 2 or 3 days, I kinda get depressed. I sorta get urges, ah I need to flip," said Marcos Melendez.

For some, it's about having fun with a twist.

"It is really about just having fun with my friends," said Brandon Schoonmaker .