Investigators search former home of missing Chester County woman

Investigators searched the former home of missing Chester County woman Thursday.

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"It's nice to at least see some movement and some action. I mean it's almost two years," said Ashley May.

The Pennsylvania State Police Forensics Unit executed a search warrant at a townhome on Metro Court in West Chester Thursday. It's where a missing woman Anna Maciejewska used to live.

"It should have happened a long time ago but it's one of those things where I guess it's better late than never," said May. She belongs to a group of concerned friends and residents called "Find Anna".

Anna was 43 years old when she disappeared from the home she moved to in Malvern along with her husband. The search tonight happened at a home she previously owned.

"I talked to her family. They are aware of what's going on. Nobody knew what was happening before hand," said May. Anna's parents and siblings live in Poland.

Investigators have said she was last seen by her husband April 10, 2017 before she left for work.

Police were called the next day. Nearly a month later, her car was found at a walking trail in the area.

Investigators have not said what led them to search Anna's old house Thursday.

People who know her say they won't ever stop looking for her.

"There's an unwavering never ending pull to know what happened to her, to be able to make sure her son grows up with the right honest truth about what happened to his mom. That he doesn't believe the story that's not true and she didn't leave him on her own free will and that her parents have the closure and can bury their daughter," said May.

Investigators left the house with envelopes of evidence but wouldn't say what led them to search the house.