Ireland Baldwin posts hilarious text conversation with dad, Alec

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland Baldwin shared a screenshot showing that her dad despite being a celebrity is just like any other.

19-year-old Ireland posted the message to her Instagram on Thursday.

Alec started the text conversation by sending his daughter a link to an Entertainment Tonight article about Ireland getting coffee and getting "cozy" with Tao Ruspoli in Venice, California on Wednesday. Ruspoli is 39 and the ex-husband of actress Olivia Wilde.

"Oooooooooooooooo," Alec wrote.

"Oh my god I just met him yesterday," Ireland wrote back.

"Well…?" Alec replied. "Are you getting married?"

"No, dad Jesus," Ireland wrote, clearly mortified.

And Alec just kept going, asking, "Am I going to be a grandfather?"

"Very immaculate coffee conception," Ireland wrote back comically.

She captioned the Instagram post with, This is what happens you get coffee with friends. You get coffee and then you pregnant and then it spirals out of control from there... #morningtextswithndad #whotakesphotosofpeopleat7am #ihateeveryone."