'Jawnaments' like a PPA ticket and Arctic Splash container bring Philly vibes to your Christmas tree

If you were searching for innately Philly ornaments with which to adorn your Christmas tree, look no further.

Susan Murphy, the woman behind "Jawnaments," joined Good Day on Monday with her handcrafted creations.

Her instant classics include a PPA ticket, Arctic Splash container, Wawa coffee cup and Tastykake Krimpets.

"You name it, we love and will defend it with our lives," Jawnaments declares on its site. "Well. Maybe not THAT much... but we will at least show some love for it on our Xmas tree."


Murphy's "Jawnaments" include Philly staples like a PPA ticket and Arctic Splash container.

Some ornaments even give back to the City of Brotherly Love. A handful donate 10% of its profits to the Fishtown Neighbors Association. Others donate 10% of their profits to MANNA, a local nonprofit dedicated to delivering nutritious, medically-appropriate meals to people battling life-threatening illnesses.

Those interested in purchasing a "Jawnament" can do so at Murphy's Etsy Shop. Jawnaments will also be sold at a pop-up shop at Riverwards Produce on East Norris Street from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.