Johnny Bobbitt, couple charged in homeless GoFundMe case

Mark D'Amico and Katelyn McClure's Bordentown cottage looked empty Friday with only an outside light on. James Gerrow, McClure's New Jersey attorney, says there is good reason for that.

"They are not living together anymore and she's not taking his calls," said Gerrow.

In an interview with Fox 29, Gerrow says Kate McClure only wanted to help Johnny Bobbitt, the homeless, drug addicted veteran introduced to her by her former boyfriend Mark D'Amico.

"Kate was being used by both Mr. D'Amico and Mr. Bobbitt and because D'Amico knew she was a very kind person also a bit naive they set up," said Gerrow.

But the Burlington County Prosecutor doesn't see it that way.

He's charged the 28-year-old and the two others with theft by deception in an alleged scam that drew $400,000 into a GoFundMe account.

"The pay it forward story that drove this may have seemed too good to be true. It was-it was based on a lie," said Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina in Thursday's press conference.

Gerrow claims McClure met twice with prosecutors to tell them what she knew, and that she tried to stop the fund raising, but GoFundMe wouldn't allow it.

"What she is concerned about is that people will stop giving to good causes because at her core she was trying to help this man," said Gerrow.

GoFundMe emailed statement the following statement:

"Organizers of campaigns have full control over how the campaigns operate and whether they're accepting donations."

GoFundMe emailed two posts to FOX 29 from Kate McClure that seemed to indicate she understood that.