Kylie Kelce confronted by angry fan in viral video as Margate mayor issues apology

A video making the rounds on social media has proved one thing: don't mess with Kylie Kelce!

The Philly favorite was on a date night with Jason in Margate over Memorial Day weekend when she was confronted by a furious fan.

Video posted online shows the fiery dispute as the woman shouted, 'I don't give a f**k who you are, you'll never be allowed in this town again!'

Kylie quickly responds, "I can smell the alcohol on your breath, you're embarrassing yourself."

Jason can be seen in the background of the video, watching on as his wife handles the distressing situation.


Kylie Kelce delivers emotional speech for Cabrini University's final commencement

Kylie Kelce returned to her alma mater, Cabrini University, this weekend in a milestone moment for both the Philadelphia favorite and the school she once called "home."

Reports state that the Kelce's were at Steve & Cookies Restaurant when Kylie politely rejected a photo with the fan.

On Wednesday, Margate Mayor Michael Collins issued a formal apology on behalf of the city, and offered to make it up to the couple.

"As a father with young children, I know as well as anyone the importance of date night with your wife and would like to offer a redo date night with dinner on me," the mayor said.

FOX 29 was able to track down the woman in the video, who did not wish to comment on the incident.

However, her husband told FOX 29's Chris O'Connell that the video didn’t show the entire context of what happened that night, including the apologies that were made.

The Kelce family has yet to respond to the madness or the offer of a free dinner from the mayor.

Fans have since jumped to Kylie's defense, praising her response.

'Kylie is the queen of delco don’t mess with her,' one fan said, while another posted, "Kylie did what needed to be done - I’m Loving the Kelce’s even more day by day."