Letter sent to Mayor Kenney voicing concerns over loud noise traveling across Delaware River 

New Jersey residents say music shakes and vibrates their homes between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. They are hoping some action taken by local mayors will finally bring them some relief but they say they are not getting their hopes up.

"It's the vibration because that's what woke me up this weekend," Gloucester City resident Teri Williams said. "I can't say any other word but unreal I've never experienced anything like it."

Several mayors wrote a four page letter to Mayor Jim Kenney about the sound coming across the river from "boom cars" in Philadelphia.

Kenney responded in a short letter saying in part, "I have reached out to our police department and we are working to increase patrols and limit the noise."

During last Thursday's press briefing, he referred to Acting Managing Director Tumar Alexander.

"I know PPD has been working to increase enforcement. This is something we typically see sort of every summer," Alexander said.

According to the residents in Palmyra, three years and counting nothing has changed.  They say they give police locations but the groups making the noise tend to move.


Residents along the Delaware River fed up with loud music


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