Little Girl With Rare Childhood Cancer Gets Dream Day Full Of Life Events

OREGON--(WTXF/Storyful)--Lila May was diagnosed with stage Neuroblastoma when she was just two years old. Since then she has endured, countless chemo, radiation, multiple surgeries to remove tumors in her brain and stomach, and dozens of other operations.

Her parents, Ryan Schow and Heidi Hall, are unsure how much time she has left and wanted to celebrate their little girl with a big bash on her fifth birthday on July 31.

With the help of gracious contributions, her parents, friends and family threw her much more than a birthday party. They had a ball theme party that combined Lila's birthday, a prom, and even a wedding. Events the family is not sure Lila May will live to celebrate in the future.

Heidi Hall said Lila had her own fairy tale ball for her birthday.

The event was held at Butler Bank Social Club, in Hood River, Oregon.

A GoFundMe page set up in 2014 for Lila May raised $14,000.

All pictures are from Byrce Jenkinson