Local 14-year-old boy collects nearly 30,000 shoes to help those in need

Zachary Miller is on a mission to help "end the cycle of poverty" - and he's only 14 years old.

Miller has collected more than 28,000 pairs of shoes in partnership with Soles4Soules, an organization that provides disaster relief and helps fight poverty in developing countries.

At the age of 9, Miller got the idea to help collect shoes when he saw a video of kid walking around on debris.

"There are all different types of shoes that I need every day," said Miller, a freshman at Robbinsville High School. "These kids don't even have one pair."

Nearly 30,000 pairs of shoes have already been donated.

His idea became a reality during his bar mitzvah project, and he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

More than 80 businesses have partnered with Miller to help achieve his ultimate goal - 50,000 pairs of shoes!

Each pair is donated to help those in developing countries learn how to run a business. Families can sell the donated shoes to pay for food, clothes and education.

To find a donation shoe bin near you, visit The Zachary Miller 25K Shoe Drive