Local businesses feeling the effects of the coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus isn't just making people sick, it's impacting businesses like bridal stores whose dress orders are filled by Chinese manufacturers. 

Finding the perfect wedding dress is something the Cove Bridal shop owner Nadine Rhyme loves to help with.

“It's nice when you can make someone happy. They come in looking regular and they put on one of these fabulous wedding gowns and they’re happy," Rhyme said.

Thanks to fears of the coronavirus, shopping habits are changing for some brides.

“They want to buy a brand new one but because of the coronavirus they all changed their mind and they buy mostly all their dress off the rack or off the manikin. They feel more comfortable and they feel safe," Rhyme explained.

Rhyme says she glad she just got her most recent shipment from six months ago. Sue Maslowski, with Jay West Bridal, says shes had no hiccups in her orders, but people ordering individually or directly from China might have problems.

“So if they ordered their bridesmaid dresses, bridal gowns, whatever directly from China, they’re having problems getting their goods. When you have a brick and mortar store behind you we can call our manufacturer, and say hey, where’s this dress versus somebody who orders directly from China. They have no one to speak, too," she explained.

Rhyme has some 500 plus dresses available to buy off the rack, assuring brides there is an option in the store and not just through ordering where her designers tell her there could be a delay.



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