Fact vs. Fiction: Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

Ask anyone about coronavirus and there are way more questions than answers. So FOX 29's Chris O'Connell went to the experts to get the real deal and separate coronavirus fact from fiction.

So first, what about that mask? According to experts, masks won't prevent the spread of the disease.  Right now, there is no evidence showing a benefit to a mask. In fact, it could increase your risk.

“I think the problem with masks is that people wear them and think they are protected and then maybe they’ll reach over and touch themselves and I think it’s a false sense of security," Dr. John Zurlo, chief of infectious disease for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, told FOX 29.

Here’s another fact: no, you cannot get infected by receiving packages shipped from China.

"I don’t think we have any evidence to support that. We think most of the spread is because of coughing and sneezing and what we call droplets,' Dr. Zurlo explained.

Who is most at risk?  It's not necessarily children like many think. It's actually older adults and those with existing conditions.

“It seems like actually children and young adults seem to have not suffered as much don’t seem to get as sick as older and sicker people," Dr. Zurlo said.

People of Chinese descent are not more susceptible to infection. It's actually what's called stigmatization.

“I think that’s a wrong assumption. It's silly," Zurlo said.

Doctors say the single best way to avoid this or any virus, wash your hands, and watch the news.

“Stay informed and I mean with the 24-hour news cycle we certainly are aware of what’s going on and I check every single day and this is a rapidly changing epidemic," Zurlo said. 



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