Local teen uses 3D printer to help healthcare workers in the COVID-19 fight

A Delaware County teen is using a 3D printer to help healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19.

"I heard about other people in Italy using 3D printers to make PPE and I just decided to go online and see what I could do to help," Taylor Duchnski told FOX 29.

While most kids are trying to stay busy homeschooling, the 11th grader is trying to use his skills to help. Duchnski is using his 3D printer to make plastic frames for the highly coveted protective face shields used by those on the front lines fighting coronavirus.

"It was an open source design on created by a bunch of makers in the New York City and it's designed to be rapidly producible and reusable and simple to make,"  Duchnski explained.

He makes the frames and precut shields are attached and when word got out what he was doing others joined in. His friends from Strath Haven High School brought seven more printers over and now his family's dining room has become a mini manufacturing plant, but parents don’t mind at all.

"I don't need to worry about that he has a very good independent mind and I'm just so happy that he's able to do something that we can give back," his mom, Andrea Lerner said.

So far, Duchnski has produced more than 150 shields. Once all of the printers are up and running he’s hoping to pump out a 150 a day.

"I started this with one printer and all it took was me saying yes to the other people that wanted to help me in this project to grow into something that can really make a difference," Duchnski said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up. If you wish to donate, please click here.



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