Man caught on camera taking package from home in South Philadelphia

A man was caught red handed on video taking a package off someone's porch in South Philly.

Talk to any neighbor on Durfor Street in South Philly and most likely they too have been a victim.

Surveillance video shows how a thief is picking his targets by stalking that brown truck--following the driver right to your door. You see on camera, a UPS driver dropping off several boxes to a home on the 1100 block of Dufor Street on April 17th.

Moments after the driver leaves--a man shows up and thinks the packages are there for the taking. He helps himself to a box and takes off but not before he stared right into the camera.

"You gotta deal with the company saying it wasn't delivered. I didn't get it and they're like it was delivered and I'm like well it's not on my porch," Carla Christina said.

Carla Christina was also a victim. She makes homemade South Philly Limoncello, but the bottles she uses never made it to her front door

"It was like heavy over 20 pounds and they walked right off the porch with it," she said.

UPS tells us drivers try to deliver packages in the most "inconspicuous place as possible". The best way to protect your stuff is to change your delivery options to re-route your package to a UPS retail access point or UPS customer service window for pick up.

Philadelphia police say the problem is also happening with FedEX and post office deliveries. If you know the man in that video, police would like to hear from you.