Man names potholes after Philadelphia city council president in hopes of getting them fixed

One man took a unique approach in an attempt to get potholes fixed in Fishtown. He actually spray painted the area with the name of the Philadelphia city council president.

What started as a water leak has turned into a splintered mess of a crater on the 1200 block of Mascher Street.

“Literally, every day we have to pick up those barriers and reset them because they get blown down. Cars actually drive over that, accidentally, and as you can see it’s nothing but splinters," Northern Liberty Press owner Ken Martz said.

Now, one man is taking action himself. The spray painting vigilante can be seen on surveillance footage on Tuesday coming out of the shadows to send a message. The spray paint read,  “Darrell L. Clarke Canyon” with two arrows pointing towards the mess.

Fishtown residents say they love his work and only sing his praises.

A spokesman for the council president released the following statement, “Our constituent service representatives routinely forward information about potholes in our district to the streets department.  We have no knowledge about whoever is spray painting anyone’s name on the streets."

Crews arrived Friday to fill the potholes with asphalt. 


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