Man says shortage of affordable housing has him living in van in North Philly

Housing advocates in Philadelphia have long complained the building boom has lead to a shortage of affordable housing.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole spoke with a North Philadelphia man who says that is exactly his problem.

His name is David, but he wouldn't tell us his last name. He's a 62-year-resident of North Philadelphia whose home is a blueish/green Chevy van parked at the corner of 8th and Norris.

The van has a TV, a space heater and microwave--powered by a cord running to a nearby construction site. There's also a bed. All the items David says he needs to get by, which he claims he has for years.

David, who says he suffers from multiple sclerosis, says he moved into his van after his home--just a block away was damaged during new construction.

He says he survives by doing odd jobs for the neighbors who tell FOX 29 they know he lives there.

David says he uses rainwater to wash up and bathrooms in local stores. He also says he doesn't want to leave or anyone's pity.

"I have no worries. I live for each day and live each day that God gives me."