Media makes list of coolest suburbs in America’s latest lifestyle survey has us talking about its Coolest Suburbs in America 2019 list. Media is in the media.

"You know what? I think it's fantastic," said Roger Ricker with Media Theatre.

What do we do when something like this happens?  We go there.

"I happen to work at the Media Theatre and the Media Theatre is one of the reasons it got that award for its cultural scene," said Roger Ricker. “We have been here 25 years doing a lot of shows at the Media Theatre, Broadway series style shows with professional actors and a live orchestra," he said. pinpoints the top 19 burbs “bursting with cultural hotspots”. No surprise coffee shops, unique boutiques, lively art scene and diverse dining options are a must to make the list too.

"Let's go in. Welcome to Apollo Pizza. Hey, how you doing?"

Dave Galperin was making pies when we walked in.

"Everybody's friendly and all the business owners know each other," he said. State Street alone qualifies Media for one of the coolest suburbs he says because there's something for every palate.

"This street we have Indian food, Thai food, Chinese food, Philly cheesesteaks, coffee and sushi,” said Galperin. And you have to be family friendly the survey says.

“Everything I need is here. I can walk to it. I don’t have to drive with my age now. So I enjoy living in media," said Ed Bailey.