Millville community holds meeting following mass shooting in nearby Bridgeton

The Millville community held a meeting Monday night following a shooting in nearby Bridgeton that claimed the lives of two and left 12 injured.

"I thank God that my kids were safe but it's always that what if," said Reisha Gillis Armstead. She had a close call with gun violence after that mass shooting in Fairfield Township. It left her worrying whether she could become a member of a club no one wants to be in. That of a grieving mother. 

"Two of my kids were out there the other night and even though they were not harmed I was still impacted," she said. Armstead is one of about 50 people who came out to community meeting this evening at Captain Buck Park in Millville. 

"We're going to continue reaching out and we're going to continue being there for children," said one man.  

JT Burks is the founder of Positive Vibes in the Community called the meeting to discuss new plans of attack. 

"We just had a tragic event happen in one of the towns over and we also had a few shootings here in Millville." He says there has been an uptick in violence in Millville like many other communities.  

"We have a lot of great recreational programs, mentor programs, community organizations and we're still falling short somewhere," said Burks.

 Liddian Street is with the group H.O.O.D. which stands for Helping Our Own Destiny. 

"Today was such a sad day for me actually walking the school at Fairfield." She says the school district had counselors at schools today to help grieving children and their families affected by the mass shooting. 

"It was very hard but where does all this end?" said Street.  


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